Memoirs of a Butterfly - Melissa Helmick Pictorial Artist

Metanoia: A Journey Through Photography

Hello Beautiful.. 

Yes, you!

I bet it's hard for you to believe that, huh? That you could be beautiful. You've had a baby. You've gained weight. You've lost weight. Whatever the reason may be, you've lost that "loving yourself" feeling.

Well I want to help you get that back. I want you to celebrate your body as it is right now, whatever type of body you're rocking. Every dimple, freckle, and "tiger" stripe tells your story. It's time to listen and love the vessel that gets you through life every single day! While an intimate session is not a one-stop shop to "fix" a negative body image, it is a wonderful step in the right direction. You will be surprised to see yourself in a more intimate way - in ways that you've never even imagined before. Seeing yourself from someone else's perspective can be life-changing!

I’m here to break down barricades.

Being a woman isn’t always the easiest sometimes. The yesterdays, the bad choices, the good choices and current periods in life can shape and mold how we see ourselves in the reflection, and it isn’t always encouraging.

I’m fed up with it.

I’m here to crack down on the negativity.

I’m here to say it is ok to like feeling sexy and to be self-confident.

I’m here to say you are stunning and it is ok to be curvy, to have some junk in the trunk, to be thin, to be thick – in fact it’s all more than OK … it’s brilliant, and breathtaking, and naturally given.

You've got one body... give it the love it deserves!

Memoirs of a Butterfly - $200

Session includes:

- 1 hour in-home or location of choice

- 20-30 Hi-Res Images 

- Print Release to print where you'd like!

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